Going on a trip and want a wide selection of books to read? Then try the Gutenberg CD & DVD Project!

Project Gutenberg periodically generates CD and DVD image files (ISO files) containing books from their collection. When downloaded, they can be used to make a CD or DVD using a CD or DVD writer. They currently have four collections that may be downloaded. They are:

  • The August 2003 CD contains 600 of PG's best Ebooks.
  • The December 2003 DVD contains 9400 of PG's first 10,000 books.
  • The July 2006 DVD contains over 17,000 books from PG's first 19,000 titles.
  • The March 2007 Science Fiction Bookshelf CD contains most (165) of PG's science fiction titles.

All of the books found on the 2003 CD can also be found on both DVDs and most of the files on the December 2003 DVD can be found on the July 2006 DVD. There are very few images on the discs, and no audio books.

These may be downloaded via BitTorrent (recommended) or by FTP. Tip: ISO files can also be extracted to a folder on a hard-drive, if you have the space.

Project Gutenberg asks that you: Please copy and give away these CDs and DVDs! Keep one for yourself, and give one to a friend … or a library … or a school.

If you are not familiar with Project Gutenberg then head over and check them out. They have over 20,000 books available for FREE!!!! Yes, they are old books and mostly literature, but if you haven't read them yet then they're still new!

A couple of other places selling collections of ebooks on disc are:

The Internet Sacred Text Archive: There are currently three discs available here and are priced from $20 to $99.99. Again be sure to visit The Internet Sacred Text Archive itself as they have about 10,000 texts available for download or to read online.

Silk Pagoda is a small place, but they have the old Blackmask Online Archive DVDs for sale. That's 10,000 ebooks in any one of four flavors: Adobe Acrobat, Amazon Kindle/Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and Sony Reader for just $9.99. Buy it here. They also have a few lost classics from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam available for purchase.

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