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eReader Blog

  1. Links for Lovers of Romance

    02/11/08 20:22:16 | 0 Comments

    Sources for eBooks: Classic Book Library: Romance - The Romance bookshelf at the Classic Book Library, they have ten books by four authors. Magazines: Affaire de Coeur -
  2. eBook Collections on DVD

    01/18/08 01:24:15 | 0 Comments

    Going on a trip and want a wide selection of books to read? Then try the Gutenberg CD & DVD Project! Project Gutenberg periodically generates CD and DVD image files (ISO files) containing books from their collection. When downloaded, they can be used to make a CD or DVD using a CD or DVD writer. They currently have four collections that may be downloaded. They are: The August 2003 CD...
  3. In Honor of Valentine's Day - Romance Novels

    01/10/08 23:41:08 | 0 Comments

    One of the most popular genres today is the romance novel. I've read a few cross-genre mystery/romance novels myself. Okay, maybe they were romance/mystery novels. My point is, romance novels are popular and I haven't really posted any links to them. Also, Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away. So, here are some links to get you started, I'll post more general source listing later. A few links to...
  4. eReader wiki links on where to find ebooks

    12/30/07 22:22:53 | 0 Comments

  5. eReader Wiki

    12/21/07 04:55:39 | 1 Comments

    The eReaders forum here on Yuku and the eReaders wiki located on PBwiki will 'open for business' on January 1, 2008. They are companion services, each complimenting the other. The forum will provide an active site for discussion and participation, the wiki will provide a knowledge base for information and for sources for eTexts.