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eReader Blog

  1. Links for Lovers of Romance

    02/11/08 20:22:16 | 0 Comments

    Sources for eBooks: Classic Book Library: Romance - The Romance bookshelf at the Classic Book Library, they have ten books by four authors. Magazines: Affaire de Coeur -
  2. eBook Collections on DVD

    01/18/08 01:24:15 | 0 Comments

    Going on a trip and want a wide selection of books to read? Then try the Gutenberg CD & DVD Project! Project Gutenberg periodically generates CD and DVD image files (ISO files) containing books from their collection. When downloaded, they can be used to make a CD or DVD using a CD or DVD writer. They currently have four collections that may be downloaded. They are: The August 2003 CD...
  3. In Honor of Valentine's Day - Romance Novels

    01/10/08 23:41:08 | 0 Comments

    One of the most popular genres today is the romance novel. I've read a few cross-genre mystery/romance novels myself. Okay, maybe they were romance/mystery novels. My point is, romance novels are popular and I haven't really posted any links to them. Also, Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away. So, here are some links to get you started, I'll post more general source listing later. A few links to...